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    Get proven results from your storage platform.

    IDC validates the business value of Scality

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    Unbreakable cloud storage for data centers

    Easy to manage. Zero data loss.

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    Bulletproof your data for peace of mind

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    Get the power of the public cloud on-prem

    Scality + HPE GreenLake offers a cloud experience with lower risks and costs — plus, more control and insight — for data at any scale, anywhere.

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    Can you guess which company ranked highest in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities report?

    #1 Hybrid-cloud storage

    #1 for Cloud-native applications

    #2 for Archiving

    #3 for Backup

    #3 for Big Data Analytics

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    We thank all of our customers!

    Scality named 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customer's Choice for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

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Why choose Scality?

See what leading analysts say about our hybrid & multicloud solutions

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    File and object storage software for data management at scale

    Scality provides file and object storage for enterprise data management deployments of all sizes. We adapt to your environment. Traditional on-prem storage? No problem. Storage for modern cloud-native applications? We’ve got you covered.


    Whether it’s critical healthcare or financial data, government intelligence, digitized national treasures, streaming video content or any other valued asset — Scality has a proven track record of ensuring eleven 9s data durability and long-term protection.


  • Built for hyper-growth

    Data management for fast growing enterprises and service providers.

  • Uniform and integrated

    File and object storage in a single system with robust analytics.
    100+ app partners for the broadest integrations in the industry.

  • Adaptable to manage data wherever it lives

    Built for hybrid cloud, multicloud, core-to-edge, and cloud-native.
    Integrated solutions for cloud data management to AWS, Azure & Google.

  • Geo-distributed

    Class-leading multi-data center solutions for highest levels of uptime.
    Flexible asynchronous and synchronous deployment options.

  • Durable, secure, and sovereign

    Hardware-agnostic, freedom to choose platform and vendor.
    Evolves to support newer technologies over time.

What customers say about Scality

    • "The HPE and Scality solution is just what we were looking for. It’s very easy to maintain and reliable. We can expand without limits or disruption. We don’t ask ourselves anymore, ‘Is it going to be complex and cumbersome, or how long will it take?’ We just do it."
      Benoit Turc, IT technical department manager, CHU Dijon Bourgogne
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    • "Scality met our TCO requirements and allowed us to greatly reduce our cost of cloud storage. In terms of performance requirements, we might have had some doubts or concerns at the very beginning of the project, but Scality definitely delivered so we’re very satisfied.”
      Philippe Moreaux Philippe Moreaux, Directeur data & service api, Orange
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    • "The Scality RING solution helped achieve continued reductions in price-per-gigabyte and price-per-IOPS costs."
      Andrei Gasheyev, Internet Services Architect, Comcast
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    • “We have made very good progress in standing up not only a product, but really a whole infrastructure solution that can add the scale we need for all of the changes coming in the future.”
      Loic Barbou Loic Barbou, consultant, Bloomberg
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    • “This solution is revolutionizing our users’ ability to do their jobs with speed and ease.”
      Dan Kortenhoeven, Senior Systems Engineer, HPE
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    • “Our customers within the university hospital emphasize that we cannot delete their data and must keep it for 10, 20 years or longer. The advantage of Scality RING is that when we reach current capacity, the system can simply be expanded online.”
      MARKUS MÜLLER, Leiter Data Center Management des USB.
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    • "What drove us to Scality was the simplicity and efficiency of the solution. Its robustness means no accidents, no surprises.”
      Herve Natixis Herve Baldeweck, project director, backup, Natixis
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    • “We consider software-defined storage to be critical to our strategy for its growth potential, data center efficiency and efficient — and flexible — use of assets.”
      Dan Shain, director, R&D, Rackspace Cloud Office
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    • "Working with Scality has been brilliant."
      Stuart Lewis, associate director, National Library of Scotland
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    • "Its stability is the most impressive thing about Scality RING. In the end, it’s the category’s best software."
      Ruggero Ruggero Gatti, data management engineer, EDF
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    • "The Scality solution fully meets our requirements, and the quality of the relationship — and the excellent support we receive from Scality — make it easy for us to see continuing to use the Scality storage solution into the future."
      Christophe Simon Christophe Simon, System Architect, Dailymotion
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    • "By going with Scality RING, we managed to build a storage system with high stability and scalability at a low cost."
      Toshiya Kato, head of KCS and KCS Server & DataStore division, KADOKAWA Connected
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