April 07, 2022

Scality CEO Jérôme Lecat leads charity NFT sale for Ukraine with #TogetherUkr

San Francisco, CA
United States

International artists unite to support EnsembleUkraine’s humanitarian efforts

SAN FRANCISCO – April 7, 2022 – Scality CEO Jérôme Lecat is leading a charity non-fungible token (NFT) sale with #TogetherUkr, an exceptional NFT collection created by renowned artists to help the people of Ukraine. Launching on Friday, April 15 on www.togetherukr.com, the initiative will be selling 25,000 NFTs to raise funds for the humanitarian actions led by nonprofit organization #EnsembleUkraine, in partnership with the Paris Blockchain Summit, and to help Ukrainian artists.

The sale will close when the entire collection is minted (sold). The #EnsembleUkraine collective, supported by France Digitale, the Galion Project, and the French Tech Mission, is driven by two objectives — helping the Ukrainian people and helping Ukrainian artists. Funds from the sale will be divided as follows:

  • 20% will be donated to certified NGOs that support Ukrainian artists and Ukrainian artists taking part in the NFT charity sale.
  • 80% will be donated directly to #EnsembleUkraine for the financing of its humanitarian actions.

#EnsembleUkraine was created by a French collective of entrepreneurs from various backgrounds who share a common desire to help the Ukrainian community.

The sale will feature NFTs by Ukrainian street art artist Roman Chizz, who relies on the collaboration between human and machine for his work. Four Ukrainian painters Anastasiia Ovod, Daria Pavliuk, Vira Yakymchuk and Yana Protasova also donated paintings denouncing the horrors of war. International artists participating in the sale include Grégoire "Greg" Guillemin, a famed neo-pop-art French artist; Greek artist Frank Bakastias; and French artists Ito Dubois and Maguitte.

To participate in the NFT #TogetherUkr charity sale:

  • Go to the www.togetherukr.com platform anytime after 8pm (GMT+1) on Friday, April 15
  • Join the sale via the "Mint is open" button
  • Set the amount of the desired donation (mint) (minimum of 0.06 Eth per NFT, the maximum is left to the choice of the donor)
  • Set the desired amount of NFT
  • The donation is registered
  • The donor will discover his NFT(s) at the closing of the sale
  • “I am amazed by the thousands of spontaneous citizen initiatives to support the Ukrainian people and am proud to be part of it with Ensemble Ukraine. Let's use NFTs for good. If you already have an NFT collection — or you always wanted to invest in an NFT but did not know where to start — this is for you. We pledge to do everything in our power to change the course of history and help peace and democracy triumph.”

    Jérôme Lecat CEO, Scality

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About #EnsembleUkraine

A 1901 law association #EnsembleUkraine brings together a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, engineers, logisticians, and citizens whose mission is to help the Ukrainian people victims of Russian aggression. The association was created by a collective of about fifty tech entrepreneurs in France, including the creators of #ProtegeTonSoignant, with the support of France Digitale, the Galion Project and the FrenchTech Mission. To date, #EnsembleUkraine is:

  • 1350 tons of essential materials were transported to Ukraine to local associations, hospitals, civilians
  • More than 800 Ukrainians accompanied and welcomed in France
  • 7241 French families volunteer to welcome refugees in collaboration with the EU4UA association
  • 200 Team4UA volunteers on the ground between Poland and Ukraine
  • 50 volunteers in France
  • More than 400,000 euros collected to finance our actions from companies and individuals


For more information, visit www.ensembleukraine.fr and www.togetherukr.com

Director of Corporate Communications

Julie Greene